”Polimery” is a peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to advancing research in the field of polymers, macromolecular materials, rubber, coatings, and synthetic fibers, along with their applications in chemistry, physical chemistry, polymer technology, and processing, as well as in medicine and biotechnology. Our aim is to provide a platform for scholars, researchers, and professionals to disseminate cutting-edge discoveries, methodologies, and innovations in the realm of polymer science and its diverse applications.

Key Areas of Focus Include:

  • Synthesis and characterization of polymers and macromolecular materials.
  • Polymer processing techniques and technologies.
  • Polymer physics and physical chemistry.
  • Polymer chemistry and chemical modifications.
  • Applications of polymers in various industries including automotive, aerospace, electronics, and packaging.
  • Biomedical applications of polymers, including drug delivery systems, tissue engineering, and medical devices.
  • Environmental aspects and sustainability of polymer materials and processes.
  • Advanced materials derived from polymers, such as nanocomposites and bio-based polymers.