Peer Review Process

Review procedure for scientific papers submitted for publication in the Polimery journal

The peer-review procedure of the manuscripts follows the recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education published in the document “Good practice in peer-review procedures in science” (Warsaw 2011).

  1. The submitted papers are subjected to the initial evaluation by the Editorial Office. In case the manuscript is not compatible with the Journal’s profile or does not comply with the requirements outlined in the Guide for Authors, it is returned to the Authors (the first Author or the designated corresponding Author).
  2. After the manuscript has been qualified as consistent with the scope of the Journal, the Editor-in-Chief selects at least two Reviewers from among recognized experts in the field. The Reviewer should guarantee independent opinions, no conflict of interest such as direct personal relationship or professional dependency with the Author(s).
  3. At least one of the Reviewers must be affiliated with a foreign institution other than the nationality of the Author.
  4. Upon acceptance of the invitation to review, the Editorial Board will send the full manuscript to the Reviewer along with the appropriate review form (below).
  5. The papers are being reviewed according to the double-blind review procedure.
  6. The review process should respect the rules of confidentiality.
  7. The name of the Reviewer is confidential. It may be revealed at the Author's request only with the consent of the Reviewer.
  8. Reviewer submits the review using the review form in 10 working days. The review should end with an explicit conclusion whether the article is approved or rejected for publication.
  9. Authors are informed about the results of reviewing process and receive the reviews for inspection. Authors should respond to the Reviewers' comments and return the revised manuscript not later than one month after receiving the review.
  10. If, in the Reviewer's opinion, the manuscript needs a substantial changes, the revised manuscript is returned to the same Reviewer for the second review.
  11. The article is qualified for further publishing procedure under the condition of receiving two positive reviews.
  12. In cases of dispute the Editorial Board appoints additional Reviewers.
  13. A list of Reviewers for the preceding year is published annually in the Polimery journal.

Review form