Published : 2009-02-12

Plasticization of polylactide


The problems concerning plasticization of polylactide (PLA), biodegradable polymer available from natural resources, are reviewed on the basis of literature data. Plasticization of PLA with poly(oxyethylene) glycols (PEG) or poly(oxypropylene) glicols (PPG), leading to decrease in both glass transition temperature (Tg) and stiffness and increasing drawability of material (Fig. 1-4), was described in detail. The effects of molecular weight and content of the glycol used for plasticization results mentioned above were characterized. Plasticization of crystalline PLA, dependent on plasticizer type and content was also described.





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Piórkowska, E., Kuliński, Z., & Gadzinowska, K. (2009). Plasticization of polylactide. Polimery, 54(2), 83-90. Retrieved from