Published : 2022-08-18

Possibility of epoxy resins application in the tanning process


Retannage agents used up till now and novel polymeric retannage - fat liquoring agents, especially epoxy resins (ŻE), were discussed. The following properties of the leathers retanned with modified epoxy resins ŻE (MŻE) were investigated: shrinkage temperature (a measure of hydrothermal resistance, Table 4), softness (Table 5), hygienic properties (sorption, desorption, water vapor permeability, Table 7), and contact angle changes versus time (a measure of hydrophobicity, Table 6). The biochemical oxygen demand (BZT5, Table 4) of retannage - fat liquoring bath was also determined. On this basis the usefulness of MŻE used (Table 1) in the tanning process (Table 2) has been estimated. It was found that use of MŻE in this process did not allow reaching the satisfactory hydrothermal resistance and hygienic properties of the leathers.





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Śmiechowski, K., Żarłok, J., Skiba, J., Wardzińska, E., & Penczek, P. (2022). Possibility of epoxy resins application in the tanning process. Polimery, 54(6), 466-472. Retrieved from