Published : 2022-08-26

Polymers for pharmaceutical applications


The pharmacy is one of the most important areas in which the macromolecular compounds are applied. They are used as pharmacological substances, blood substitutes, various auxiliary materials or excipients as well as in the production of macromolecular prodrugs, polymeric drug delivery systems, therapeutic systems, etc. (Table 1 and 2). The prodrugs, polymeric drug delivery systems and therapeutic systems are characterized with unique pharmacokinetics, ability to distribute precisely the drugs in the organism as well as pharmacological efficiency. In this paper the natural, modified and synthetic polymers and examples of their applications were described.





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Sobczak, M., Olędzka, E., Kołodziejski, W. L., & Kuźmicz, R. (2022). Polymers for pharmaceutical applications. Polimery, 52(6), 411-420. Retrieved from