Published : 2022-08-26

N-vinylformamide - a new environmentally friendly water-soluble monomer


N-vinylformamide (NVF) is a nontoxic water-soluble monomer, isomeric in relation to acrylamide, until recently introduced into the industrial scale of production. Three various methods of N-vinylformamide synthesis were described, according to the technologies realized in BASF (Germany), Mitsubishi (Japan) and Air Products & Chemicals (USA) companies. There was described the structure of NVF molecule which can form four various conformers because of strong coupling. The reason of the presence of signals of just two conformers in NMR spectra (trans-cis and trans-trans only, cis-cis and cis-trans not present) has been justified on the basis of the results of own spectroscopic investigations (Fig. 1 and 2) and quantum-mechanical calculations (Fig. 3 and 4). The reactions accompanying the radical or ionic NVF polymerizations were presented. Possible applications of poly(N-vinylformamide) as well as of polyvinylamine, obtained by its hydrolysis, were pointed.





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Bortel, E., Witek, E., Pazdro, M., & Kochanowski, A. (2022). N-vinylformamide - a new environmentally friendly water-soluble monomer. Polimery, 52(7-8), 503-510. Retrieved from