Published : 2022-09-01



In the review concerning polyphosphazenes - organic-inorganic polymers of general Formula (I) - two basic methods of their syntheses were presented: thermal ring opening polymerization of cyclic trimers [equations (2)-(4)] or N-silylphosphor-amines polycondensation. The ways of substitution of phosphorus atoms in main chain of polyphosphazene with substituents other than chlorine atoms originated from initial trimer were also discussed. Such modification imparts various required properties to the products. Possibility of phosphazenes crosslinking and their hydrolytic resistance were also mentioned. Methods of polyphosphazene copolymers producing via methyl or phenyl groups modification [equations (11)-(13)] and methods of grafting [equation (14)] were presented. This way e.g. polyphosphazene copolymers with monomeric units of methyl methacrylate or styrene were obtained. The products discussed find various applications among others as drug delivery systems, elastomers, membranes, electrolytes, and lately also as the catalysts.





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Burczyk, A., & Pielichowski, J. (2022). Polyphosphazenes. Polimery, 49(7-8), 486-490. Retrieved from