Published : 2022-09-01

Effects of vitrification on the isothermal polymerization of acrylate blends under radiation


The radiation-induced polymerization of some acrylate oligomers was investigated by means of FT-IR spectroscopy applied to films of various thickness that were cured under isothermal conditions. Different types of oligomers, one polyethyleneglycol diacrylatc (PEGDA), one polyurethane triacrylate (PURTA), and one epoxy diacrylate derived from bis-phenol A (EPDA) were selected for their contrasting networks properties, with a low, intermediate, and high T(g) of the radiation-cured materials, respectively. In order to gain a deeper insight into the effect of gradual vitrification on the reactivity of the polymerizable systems, the conversion - dose profiles of the epoxy diacrylate were recorded at various temperatures. The dependence of the limiting conversion on the polymerization temperature was examined under various experimental conditions and compared with the conversion - T(g) relation, which was deduced from dynamic thermo-mechanical analysis. The correlation between resulting T(g) measured in the samples at maximal conversion for each curing temperature was shown to be slightly deviating from linearity. A phenomenological model of the reaction kinetics was shown to depict satisfactorily the observed photopolymerization profiles. From the well-determined T(g) - conversion relation, a semi-mechanistic kinetic model taking into account the gradual vitrification of the network can be foreseen.





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Chuda, K., Smolinski, W., Defoort, B., Rudz, W., Gawdzik, B., Rayss, J., & Coqueret, X. (2022). Effects of vitrification on the isothermal polymerization of acrylate blends under radiation. Polimery, 49(7-8), 505-513. Retrieved from