Published : 2022-09-17

DNA knots and links


A review of DNA knots and links (catenanes) is presented. Knots are interlaced cyclic structures while links are at least two cyclic structures mutually interlaced, as chain links are, which no projection on a plane without crossing points exists for. The examples of DNA knots and links, that are produced by replication and recombination processes, have been given as well as the methods of their investigations have been brought. Model research works focused on determining the probability of topological structures creations, with using molecular mechanics methods, have been discussed. An idea of ideal knots and links, allowing to find the correlations between electrophoretic mobility and sedimentation coefficient of real DNA knots and links and parameters of ideal ones, was discussed.




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Dobrowolski, J. C. (2022). DNA knots and links. Polimery, 48(1), 3-15. Retrieved from