Published : 2022-09-18

Biodegradation of polyethylene modified with "BionolleŽ" polyester


Susceptibility of polyethylene film modified with different uantities (up to 30% by weight - Table 1) of "Bionolle(R)" olyester to biodegradation caused by various strains of icroscopic fungi was investigated. Fungi growth on film (Fig.), film weight loss (Table 2) were determined, surface changes ere observed by SEM (Fig. 2) and FT-IR spectra of the films ere recorded (Fig. 3). It was concluded that changes on film urface and morphological forms of the fungi depend on film omposition. 30% addition of polyester accelerates iodegradation of PE.




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Łabużek, S., Pająk, J., Majduk, E., Nowak, B., & Karcz, J. (2022). Biodegradation of polyethylene modified with "BionolleŽ" polyester. Polimery, 47(4), 256-261. Retrieved from