Published : 2022-09-19

Polymer working – general problems


The outline of the development of polymer working since the turn of 19th century till modern times in Poland and in the world with 60 most important achievements enumerated and documented with available publications (81 references). General characteristics of working with theoretical principles, the place of the process of working in the process of manufacturing polymer elements and principles of working has been done. Classification of working has been presented, divided into plastic forming and machining and further into methods and types, as well as place and role of working in the division into plastic forming and machining. Also: the language of image and its record including the record of appearances, algorithms, formulas and symbols; the record of construction, technology and material (polymer); computer-aid; characteristics of computer systems in polymer working; reflections on scientific output.




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Sikora, R. (2022). Polymer working – general problems. Polimery, 46(1), 1-9. Retrieved from