Published : 2021-01-13

The use of utility function for optimization of thermoforming


The paper describes a utility function – based method for optimization of a thermoforming process for producing finished parts made of polystyrene sheet by vacuum forming and vacuum assisted drape forming with and without pre-blow. Not only does the proposed method enable determination of optimum thermoforming conditions, it also provides information about interactions between these conditions as well as about their impact on the properties of finished parts and polymer heating time, a factor which affects efficiency of this process. The determined optimum thermoforming conditions significantly differ for thermoforming without pre-blow and thermoforming with pre-blow, which results from different ways of forming individual regions of polystyrene sheet during both processes. The employed method enables determination several optimum criteria, the number of which can be extended as desired, which is significant for practical applications of machines and devices.





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Sasimowski, E. (2021). The use of utility function for optimization of thermoforming. Polimery, 63(11-12), 807-814.