Published : 2022-08-18

Photopolymerization: new investigations, new materials


The paper is a review concerning photopolymerization reaction with use of crosslinking monomers. The results of new investigations concerning the course and kinetics of photopolymerization of multicomponent compositions (Fig. 1-3) are discussed. The possibility of preparation of polymer blends, nanocomposites (Fig. 6, 7) or solid polymer electrolytes (Fig. 4, 5) via photopolymerization has been presented as well. The directions of applications of photopolymerization reaction and polymeric materials prepared in this way are also mentioned.





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Andrzejewska, E., Marcinkowska, A., Podgórska, M., Stępniak, I., & Sądej, M. (2022). Photopolymerization: new investigations, new materials. Polimery, 54(5), 327-333. Retrieved from