Published : 2022-08-18

Syntheses, structures and chemical properties of unsaturated oligo(alkylene-ester-ether)diols


The series of polycondensation reactions of unsaturated oligo(alkylene-ester-ether)diols (OAEE) with acidic comonomers [adipic acid (KA), maleic anhydride (BM), phthalic anhydride (BF)] and glycol comonomers {diethylene glycol (DG), ethylene glycol (EG), 1,3-propylene glycol (PG), ?,?-dihydroxy[oligo(oxyethylene)] (POE) and ?,?-dihydroxy[oligo(oxytetramethylene)] (PTMG)} were carried out without catalysts (Table 1). An excess of glycol substrates was used to obtain unsaturated OAEE terminated with hydroxyl groups. The course of the process was controlled via measurements of acid value (Lk) (Fig. 1, 2). OAEE obtained were characterized by FT-IR spectroscopy (Fig. 3) and elemental analysis (Table 2). The values of hydroxyl number (LOH) and iodine number (LJ) were determined. Molecular weight was calculated on the basis of LOH (Table 3) and thermal stability was evaluated thermogravimetrically (Table 4, 5). It has been found that unsaturated OAEE prepared with an excess of PG showed the largest molecular weight and good thermal stability.




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Kucińska-Lipka, J., Janik, H., & Balas, A. (2022). Syntheses, structures and chemical properties of unsaturated oligo(alkylene-ester-ether)diols. Polimery, 54(7-8), 530-535. Retrieved from