Published : 2022-08-26

Titanium catalyst (TiCl4) supported on MgCl2(THF)(AlEt2Cl)0.34 for ethylene polymerization


Three titanium catalyst systems supported on the MgCl2(THF)(AlEt2Cl)0.34 complex were synthesised by changing both the synthetic method and the precursor/support ratio. After activation by AlEt3, the catalysts were applied for ethylene polymerization. All three systems proved to be single site catalysts regardless of the method of synthesis. This was confirmed by the kinetics curve character and the properties of the produced polyethylene. Due to the simultaneous reaction reduction and immobilization of TiCl4 (at AlEt2Cl/TiCl4 molar ratio greater than 1) the actual time for the polymerization reaction to begin can be shortened to the minimum needed to only dissolve the ethylene in the reaction medium. Furthermore, the amount of the AlEt3 activator (AlEt3/TiCl4<1000) is also considerably reduced when the high activity of the catalyst is maintained.





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Ochędzan-Siodłak, W., & Nowakowska, M. (2022). Titanium catalyst (TiCl4) supported on MgCl2(THF)(AlEt2Cl)0.34 for ethylene polymerization. Polimery, 52(3), 184-198. Retrieved from