Published : 2022-08-26

Conversion-Temperature-Transformation (CTT) cure diagram for EPY® epoxy system


Thermal decomposition of the filled epoxy system EPY® (“Epidian 6” with triethylenetetramine), applied for the production of machine foundation chocks, was studied using thermogravimetry and differential thermal analysis (TG-DTA). The results obtained and the results previously reached by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and rotational viscometry as well as by empirical model of the dependence of glass transition temperature on conversion degree let determine the cure diagram conversion - temperature - transformation (CTT) for the system studied. The cure diagram obtained makes possible the general insight into thermo-mechanical behavior of EPY® system during its curing and this way can be the useful tool for the assessment of curing quality of the material, required especially in the use for foundation chocks in their various applications.





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Urbaniak, M., & Grudziński, K. (2022). Conversion-Temperature-Transformation (CTT) cure diagram for EPY® epoxy system. Polimery, 52(4), 255-258. Retrieved from