Published : 2021-01-12

Biodegradable agroplastics in 21st century horticulture


The paper is a review of the literature on the application of biodegradable materials (agroplastics) in modern agriculture, and particularly in horticulture. Agroplastics are used within the so-called plasticulture system – in mulches, different forms of plant covers, pots for seedlings, strings, and other materials. Although they leave behind a considerable amount of waste, their recycling has been implemented in only some European countries. The positive solution of this environmental problem lies in propagation and implementation of biodegradable plastics in agricultural practice. In order to achieve this, a clear system of classification and assessment has been introduced in the European Union. Results of experiments with biodegradable plastics applications as soil and plant covers, and their impact on the environment are presented.





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Siwek, P., Domagała-Świątkiewicz, I., Bucki, P., & Puchalski, M. (2021). Biodegradable agroplastics in 21st century horticulture. Polimery, 64(7-8), 480-486.