Published : 2022-08-30

Technological methods of polyamide12 production


General characteristics of the properties and directions of applications of polyamide 12 (PA 12) are presented. Specific place of this polymer in the group of polyamides produced in the industrial scale is stressed. Technological methods of polyamide 12 synthesis via two-stage polymerization of laurolactam were described on the basis of the literature (mainly patents). Preparations of various types of PA 12 showing improved resistance to elevated temperature, oxygen and light, improved creep characteristics and fatigue strength or lower content of gel ("fish eyes") have been taken into consideration.





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Lewandowski, G., Rytwińska, E., & Milchert, E. (2022). Technological methods of polyamide12 production. Polimery, 51(4), 251-256. Retrieved from