Published : 2022-08-30

Methods of forecasting of the changes of polymeric products properties


Basic information concerning the process of polymers' ageing is given and the methods of investigation of the changes of properties being the results of ageing is characterized. The types of ageing and the phenomena causing this process are presented. The basic problems concerning the resistance of polymers to ageing and comparative indices describing the intensity of ageing were defined. The problems related to forecasting of changes of polymers properties were presented in details, including the basic forecasting methods especially the procedure concerning the polymers and the products made of them. So the following methods used were characterized: Arrhenius equation (Fig. 1), analysis of random variable distribution (Fig. 2), regression equations (Fig. 3 and 4) as well as time series analysis (Fig. 5 and 6), among others exponential equalization.





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Jachowicz, T., & Sikora, R. (2022). Methods of forecasting of the changes of polymeric products properties. Polimery, 51(3), 177-185. Retrieved from