Published : 2022-08-30

Physical properties and application of polyamide 12


In the review the most important properties and directions of application of polyamide 12 were presented. Special attention has been paid to crystalline structure of the polymer and its transformations as well as to the effects of these phenomena on viscoelastic properties of PA 12. The relation between relaxation properties of PA 12 and its dielectric characteristics was widely discussed. The role of surface layer of the polymer and the influence of crosslinking reaction were also marked. From the user's point of view low water absorption, promoting the dimensional stability, and good dielectric properties are especially advantageous features of PA 12.





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Lewandowski, G., Rytwińska, E., & Milchert, E. (2022). Physical properties and application of polyamide 12. Polimery, 51(11-12), 829-835. Retrieved from