Published : 2022-09-01

Fluorescent probes as a research tool in polymer chemistry


In the review the types of fluorescent probes and their applications in investigations of properties of solid phase polymers and polymerization kinetics are presented. There are described the structures and photo-physical properties of five types of fluorescent probes, using: excimers' formation [Formula (I)]; twisted intramolecular charge transfer (TITC); intramolecular charge transfer (ITC) (including probe "Fluoroprene" [Formula (II)]; and based on 9-acridine derivatives of aromatic amines [Formulas (III)-(IV)] or organic salts [Formulas (VII) and (VIII), Scheme A]; and using an ability of energy transfer between fluorescent molecules.





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Pączkowski, J. (2022). Fluorescent probes as a research tool in polymer chemistry. Polimery, 50(7-8), 520-529. Retrieved from