Published : 2022-09-01

Polyhydroxyetheresters from resin acids


Six new polyetheresters were synthesized in polyaddition reaction in solution or in bulk. Polyaddition reactions have been carried out using the equimolar amounts of the adducts (RAAA), obtained in Diels-Alder reaction from resin acids (RA) and acrylic acids (AA), with three various epoxy resins with addition of adipic acid (AAd) or without it. The products obtained were characterized using FT-IR and 1H NMR methods as well as on the basis of average molecular weight, nitrogen content and inherent viscosity measurements. The results of spectroscopic investigations confirmed RAAA adducts structures and epoxy ring opening in polyaddition reaction of epoxy resins with RAAA as well. Thermal stability of the products has been tested using TGA method. It was found they were rather stable at temperature up to 250 - 300 degrees C. The presence of AAd in the reaction mixture increases slightly thermo-oxidizing degradability but brightens the color and increases molecular weight of polyhydroxyetheresters. These products dissolve in majority of organic solvents because of the chemical structure (presence of OH groups and hydrophenantrene fragments).





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Mustaţă, F., & Bicu, J. (2022). Polyhydroxyetheresters from resin acids. Polimery, 50(3), 176-181. Retrieved from