Published : 2022-09-17

Organometallic dendrimers - molecular architecture and functions


Two main methods of dendrimers synthesis - "divergent" (scheme B) and "convergent" one (scheme C) as well as the methods of their structures evaluations have been presented. Organometallic dendrimers differing in metal location: in the core [formulas (I)-(III)], at the interior [formulas (IV) and (V), Fig.1] and on the surface [formulas (VI)-(VIII)] have been discussed. Such dendrimers can work as the carriers and catalysts of chemical, polymolecular inter-phase processes. Especially they can be used as an excellent model systems simulating the action of catalytic centers of enzymes, based on metals.




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Urbańczyk-Lipkowska, Z., & Janiszewska, J. (2022). Organometallic dendrimers - molecular architecture and functions. Polimery, 48(1), 54-60. Retrieved from