Published : 2022-09-17

Heterophase thermoplastic polymer compositions modified with rubber wastes


The results of own research concerning new polymeric compositions based fully on secondary materials, obtained by physical modification, were presented. Recycled thermoplastics - PE-LD or PVC (Table 1) - were used as polymer matrix. Ground vulcanized rubber wastes of tires as well as thermally modified phosphogypsum (Table 2 and 3) or activated chalk were used as the fillers. Mechanical properties of such compositions (Table 4 and 5) and possibilities of their practical applications, with utilization of specific properties coming from the materials used, were discussed. It has been found that porous hoses made of such cornpositions show the properties qualifying them for use in the irrigation systems (Fig. 6). The compositions discussed can be also used as the fillers of noise damping screens (Fig. 7), fillers of columns for biological waste-water purification (Fig. 8) as well as for producing of the traffic safety devices or floorings.




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Kowalska, E., Żubrowska, M., & Borensztejn, M. (2022). Heterophase thermoplastic polymer compositions modified with rubber wastes. Polimery, 48(9), 633-640. Retrieved from