Published : 2022-09-17

Modification of polyethylene with itaconic acid


Itaconic acid (KI) grafting onto PE-LD in the presence of dicumyl peroxide (DCP) was done with the aim to make the product more hydrophilic what should facilitate the polymer waste decomposition in the environment. The two-step process was realized in the single screw extruder and various concentrations of KI (3-10 wt. %) and DCP (up to 1.1 wt. %) were used. The products of KI thermal decomposition were identified using Py/GC/MS method (Figs. 2 and 3). FT-IR analysis excluded their presence in the grafted compositions while suggested KI grafting (Figs. 4 and 5). It was found, using aqueous extraction method, that the higher KI and DCP concentrations the higher grafting degree (Table 1). However, in the compositions containing >3 wt. %, of KI, polymer crosslinking did not occur (Table 3) at the whole range of DCP concentration. The effects of KI and DCP concentrations in the compositions on their tensile properties were characterized.




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Wojtala, A., Czaja, K., Herzog, W., & Dziwiński, E. (2022). Modification of polyethylene with itaconic acid. Polimery, 48(10), 684-689. Retrieved from