Published : 2022-09-18

Application of micro-thermal analysis for polymeric materials investigations


A review of the newest achievements in micro-thermal analysis (micro-TA) has been presented on the basis of literature data of the years 1995-2001. Micro-TA is a combination of thermal analysis with scanning microscopy and consists in replacing a passive scanning probe used in atomic force microscopy (AFM) with ultraminiature heating probe placed at the point of contact with sample surface. Some methods being variants of micro-TA technique were characterized: scanning thermal microscopy (SThM), scanning thermal expansion microscopy (SThEM), localized thermal analysis (L-TA), localized thermomechanical analysis, localized chromatography coupled with mass spectroscopy, and infrared photothermal spectroscopy. The construction as well as principles of suitable devices and examples concerning practical application of methods discussed for analysis of polymers, their blends and composites were presented.




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El Fray, M. (2022). Application of micro-thermal analysis for polymeric materials investigations. Polimery, 47(11-12), 793-800. Retrieved from