Published : 2013-03-30

Hybrid magnetic elements prepared by gluing


This article describes an experiment for investigation of the tensile strength of adhesives used in production of electric motors. The study was conducted for an application of adhesives in production of hybrid components composed from various materials. Composite elements were made from iron powder and Nd-Fe-B alloy powder. Hybrid elements may consist of layers of different physical properties. The test is also expected to answer the question whether the type of layers used can influence the bond strength. In addition, the article describes an attempt to compare tensile strengths of hybrid elements made in different techniques, such as one-step pressing and gluing of hybrid elements. The study confirms that the type of surfaces and adhesives influences the strength of the hybrid element.





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Ślusarek, B., Kapelski, D., Jankowski, B., Karbowiak, M., & Przybylski, M. (2013). Hybrid magnetic elements prepared by gluing. Polimery, 58(3), 219-223. Retrieved from