Published : 2022-08-30

Preparation of spherical particles of 3-hydroxybutyric acid oligomer


Aqueous dispersions of 3-hydroxybutyric acid oligomer (molecular weight 890) were prepared using two physical methods: by solvent evaporation or by solvent diffusion from the emulsion of oligomer solution. Organic solvents were selected from these what would be applied in the future for the production of non-steroid antiphlogistic drugs (CHCl3 or CH2Cl2 for evaporation method and acetone for diffusion method). Due to the projected applications of the aqueous dispersion obtained in medicine we strove for decrease in concentrations of additives used in the system i.e. dispersion stabilizer [poly(vinyl alcohol) - PVAL] and a solvent as well as for the preparation of the particles of diameter Ł 1 mm. The effects of several basic parameters of the process on the dimensions and monodispersity of prepared particles were investigated (Table 1-3, Fig. 1-4). These parameters were as follows: concentration of an oligomer in organic phase (symbol in the Tables [10HB/D]org), concentration of a stabilizer in a continuous phase ([PVAL]woda), ratio of dispersion and continuous phases (O/W) and agitation speed.





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Cebulska, A., & Jedliński, Z. (2022). Preparation of spherical particles of 3-hydroxybutyric acid oligomer. Polimery, 51(6), 436-441. Retrieved from