Published : 2022-09-01

New thermoplastic elastomers


A review (81 references mainly from the period 2000-2003) concerning new thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) combining, in the defined temperature range, the properties of chemically cured rubbers with facility of processing and recycling of thermoplastic polymers. Four groups of such products were singled out, namely: block copolymers of styrene (mainly with butadiene, isoprene or isobutene; in a last case also graft copolymers), elastomeric polyolefins (based on propylene), thermoplastic elastomers made of polymer blends (physical blends of crystallizing plastomer with not crosslinked elastomer) and thermoplastic elastoionomers (elastomers containing side ionogenic acid groups, most often carboxylic or sulfonic ones). The principles of syntheses of TPE were discussed and directions of their applications as well as the present state and perspectives of their industrial manufacturing were presented.





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Rzymski, W. M., & Radusch, H.-J. (2022). New thermoplastic elastomers. Polimery, 50(4), 249-254. Retrieved from