Published : 2022-09-19

Silsesquioxanes. Part I. Preparation of oligosilsesquioxanes


A review with 48 references (1946-1998) covering recent methods used to prepare oligosilsesquioxanes Tn, where T = RSK\5 (n = 6-12, formulas I-V), viz., (i) hydrolytic polycondensation of trifunctional silanes RSiX3 (eqn. 1) (R = alkyl, aryl, hydrogen, X = Cl, OR and OAc); (ii) thermal cracking of polymeric silsesquioxanes; (iii) hydrosilylation of oligohydrosilsesquioxanes to prepare functionalized oligosilsesquioxanes. The structure and selected physical properties of most common phenyl and methyl oligosilsesquioxanes are presented (Table 1). Major directions are also indicated for using oligosilsesquioxanes to prepare hybrid, heterogenized catalysts, adsorbents, and permeable membranes.




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Leśniak, E. (2022). Silsesquioxanes. Part I. Preparation of oligosilsesquioxanes. Polimery, 46(7-8), 516-522. Retrieved from