Published : 2022-09-19

Silsesquioxanes. Part II. Polysilsesquioxanes


A review with 90 references covering methods used to prepare polyphenylsilsesquioxanes (PPSQ) and ladder-structured polymethylsilses-quioxanes (PMSQ) (formula I), viz., (i) three- or two-step hydrolytic poly-condensations of trifunctional silanes RSiX3 (R = alkyl, aryl; X = Cl, OR', OAc); (ii) stepwise coupling polymerization of RSiX3; (Hi) polymerization of polyhedral silsesquioxanes. Methods to prepare insoluble globular spherical PMSQ and bridged polysilsesquioxanes (formulas III and IV) are also reviewed. Evidence is adduced for the ladder structure of polysilsesquioxanes (formulas V and VI; Table 1). Selected physicochemical property data and thermal stability data are given. Principal polysilsesquioxane application trends are characterized.




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Leśniak, E. (2022). Silsesquioxanes. Part II. Polysilsesquioxanes. Polimery, 46(9), 582-589. Retrieved from