Published : 2011-03-30

Biocomposites based on PHB filled with wood or kenaf fibers


In this paper, possibilities of processing biocomposites based on polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) filled with 25 and 40 wt. % of wood flour or kenaf fibers are presented. Mechanical properties (tensile strength, modulus of elasticity) under three testing temperatures, a water absorption and its influence on properties, the process of biodegradation in the garden compost as well as SEM images of fractured composites are discussed. Modulus of elasticity and tensile strength increased with rising content of wood flour and kenaf fibres. The results show that PHB filled with kenaf fibers has higher mechanical properties, even despite higher ability to absorb water. Tested biocomposites absorb water and their mechanical properties decrease after exposure to water. It is caused by beginning of biodegradation process and resolving a biodegradable biopolymer in water. This property can be interesting for packaging especially for fresh produce like fruit or vegetables and for industrial products with short-time life cycles.





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Kuciel, S., & Liber-Kneć, A. (2011). Biocomposites based on PHB filled with wood or kenaf fibers. Polimery, 56(3), 218-223. Retrieved from