Published : 2011-08-30

Progress in the field of olefin polymerization


Based on an extensive review of the literature, the progress made so far in the application of organometalic catalysts in the polymerization of olefins, taking into special consideration the most recent research in this field has been presented. The possibilities of obtaining by this method polyolefins of various structures and properties have also been explored. In accordance with the state-of-art in the technology of polyolefin production, the results of the most recent research in Opole, an active center in this field, development and evaluation of the catalytic properties of novel organometalic catalysts have been presented. Special attention was devoted to catalysts derived from the postmetallocene system group such as complexes with salene-type or bis(phenoxy-imine) ligands and bis(phenoxy-imine) complexes (Tables 1—4). The influence of the composition, especially the ligand structures (Fig. 3), the central metal in complexes and the type of organoaluminium activators (Fig. 2) on catalyst system activity in the polymerization of ethylene as well as on the properties of the obtained polymerization product (Fig. 4) was evaluated.





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Czaja, K., & Białek, M. (2011). Progress in the field of olefin polymerization. Polimery, 56(7-8), 511-520. Retrieved from