Published : 2011-08-30

Dihelicoidal extrusion. Principles and processing


The principle of the dihelicoidal extrusion process based on a rotational middle segment of the single-screw barrel of an extruder (Fig. 1) has been presented. This active component design makes it possible for changes in the process parameters to be made without having to halt the equipment. The fundamentals of the process and the design of the dihelicoidal extruder were also discussed. A simplified model (Fig. 2) as well as a functional version (Fig. 6) of the extruder illustrating the active feed zone (Fig. 7) and the active compatible rotational segment of the barrel (Fig. 8) were described in detail. The performance of such a new dihelicoidal extruder was verified with selected results obtained in experimental studies.





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Sikora, R., Sasimowski, E., & Sikora, J. W. (2011). Dihelicoidal extrusion. Principles and processing. Polimery, 56(7-8), 591-596. Retrieved from