Published : 2022-09-18

Utilization of glass fiber-reinforced polyester laminate wastes


Glass fiber-reinforced polyester resin wastes were extracted with methylene chloride (Figs. 1, 2) to yield a comminuted fibrous filler (contg. 70-80 wt. % of glass fibers) and a resin powder. The filler and the powder were re-used as fillers in thermoplastic polymers (PP, Tables 3, 4; polyamide, Table 5), thermosetting phenol molding compounds (Table 6), epoxy resins (Tables 7, 9), and polyester resins (Tables 8, 10). The fibrous filler reclaimed, when used in each polymer examined as a partial or a 100% substitute to replace mineral fillers, glass fibers or wood flour (in phenol molding compounds), was found not to deteriorate, and sometimes even to enhance, the mechanical properties of the polymers. The resin powder was found useful for partially or totally replacing mineral fillers in thermoplastic polymers with their fundamental functional (service) properties remaining unaffected, and also in putties containing polyester or epoxide resins.




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Kowalska, E., Wielgosz, T., & Bartczak, T. (2022). Utilization of glass fiber-reinforced polyester laminate wastes. Polimery, 47(2), 110-116. Retrieved from